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Sermons from Grace Lutheran Church!

"Touchdown - Part Two"

January 29, 2017 + Luke 6:1-17

It was a fun day in worship as we had students from Pierre Moran Middle School receive their musical instruments in a new partnership between Grace and Pierre Moran.  We talked about Jesus healing on the Sabbath and the challenges that led to for him.  This is the second week of our three week series where we're exploring how we can join God's team to share the Good News of Jesus from Elkhart to the ends of the earth. Thanks for listening!

Recent Sermons...

"Touchdown - Part One"

January 22, 2017 + Luke 5:1-11

Today we hear the story of Jesus calling his disciples.  They left everything to follow him, uncertain of what the future held, but confident the Spirit was leading them - in the midst of exhaustion and fatigue.  This is also the start of a three week conversation about our gifts and the invitation to use them to share the love of Jesus with Elkhart and to the ends of the earth!  Thanks for listening!

"Jesus' Inauguration"

January 15, 2017 + Luke 4:14-30

As Jesus begins his public ministry, what does he say his priorities will be?  The Spirit comes down upon him and blesses him for this work, and this is the same Spirit that blesses us in baptism and sends us out to do God's work.  Thanks for listening as we begin a new chapter of our life together.

"Baptism Changes"

January 8, 2017 + Luke 3:1-22

Baptism changes us - it calls us away from simple service to ourselves, but to serve the world.  It calls us to eternal life, not just in the future, but a real living life today.  As we mark the Baptism of Jesus, we take a few minutes to talk about baptism today. Thanks for listening.

"Light for All"

January 1, 2017 + Luke 2:21-38

As this season of Christmas continues, we hear Simeon's song as he holds the infant Jesus.  God's grace and salvation is Good News for all people, as God removes the coverings from our eyes and enables us to see goodness abound.  Happy New Year!  

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