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Sermons From November - December 2016

"God is With Us - Christmas Eve"

December 24, 2016 + Luke 2:1-20

The good news of a baby born in a manger who will forever change the world is not simply good news, but it is good news for us!  The angels appear to the shepherds and despite whatever hardships they have experienced, their lives are forever changed.  And so are ours, this Christmas night and every day of our lives.  Merry Christmas!

"Almost There - Advent IV"

December 18, 2016 + Luke 1:57-80

After being struck mute, Zechariah is finally able to speak and as he does, he sings a beautiful song about who the Messiah is and will be.  We are almost to Christmas!  Make way for the newborn king!

"A Song of Revolution - Advent III"

December 11, 2016 + Luke 1:39-56

Mary's beautiful song is a song for the ages, a song that speaks against the powers of the world, and a song that speaks hope for each of us.

"Parade - Advent II"

December 4, 2016 + Luke 1:26-38

God often chooses people that seem insignificant to the rest of the world to do amazing things.  That's the story of Mary - a young girl from Nazareth who will give birth to the Savior of the world, Jesus.  There are these unsung heroes all around us, doing incredible things, pointing us to the star that gives us hope, life, and salvation.  Thanks for listening!

"A Sky Full of Stars - Advent I"

November 27, 2016 + Luke 1:5-25

As we start the season of Advent, we pause to think about all that is distracting us.  Perhaps, we, like Zechariah need some time to 'mute' the distractions and to rethink who God is calling us to be.  This starts a four-week look at the first chapter of Luke's Gospel and what comes before the birth of Jesus.

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